This area will have gliders and ceiling fans

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     In November, we jumped  one of the biggest hurdles in our quest to building the best senior activity and nutrition centers in Dunklin County. The city wide sales tax for senior programs passed with a two-thirds vote, and although that was a big accomplishment for the center, it will not  provide the necessary funds for the remodel. 

   On Wednesday, December 21, we received the architects floor plans for transforming the old VNA building into the new Senior Activity and Nutrition Center; however, he told us the biggest cost of the remodel will be in the industrial kitchen. Our plans for the the finished center are to keep seniors engaged, physically,  mentally, and socially in order create a healthier environment that will improve their health and keep them independent longer which will lower healthcare costs to the seniors, the city, and the state.


Floor plan contains items before remodel.

Floor plan after the remodel.