Our journey

(Older Adults Keep Serving)

AGING MATTERS was awarded the NAP Tax Credit grant in 2018. Once all $350,000 credits are sold, the funding for the remodel will be $500,000.

Kennett O.A.K.S.

(L) Photo is where dining hall will be. Tables in area can be seen on plans below.

It has been a long journey, but after four years and two elections, we are finally open. However, the journey has been long, but it not quite finished. 

We are in our fourth year of funding from the Senior Sales Tax that was voted on in 2018. We do want to thank the Senior Tax Committee and the Kennett City Council for their support and generosity in allowing the funding to continue in order for the center's completion. Although COVID stopped us from opening for in-door dining and activities, we continued to serve our seniors through a make-shift meal pickup for their safety. However, we are now open to serve our seniors with in-door dining. 

In July 2018, the Department of Economic Development awarded Aging Matters the Neighborhood Assistance Program Tax Credit Grant for the remodeling of the Kennett OAKS Senior center. The grant provided us some funding through state tax credits, and with the additional funding from the Senior Sales Tax, our seniors, we are  fully open and welcome seniors into a wonderful building filled with special activities to keep them healthy, as well as a great place to spend the day socializing with friends.