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Laura Ford, Administrator

​Kennett OAKS Nutrition Center

(Older Adults Keep Serving)

Making resources, support services, and social interaction available is important to aging adults, so our goal is to direct seniors to those services they need and present activities they enjoy.

OAKS Mission: To provide healthy aging through nutritious meals, beneficial supportive services and social interaction to area seniors.

Long-Term Care

It is important to stay abreast of all the laws and legislation that affect older Americans, and at The OAKS, we let seniors know what to expect through Dale Beaty, the district's senator for the Silver Haired Legislature.

Help Seniors at Kennett OAKS see their dreams become a reality in 2018. Please, donate $5 and help us reach our goal for renovations by June 1, 2018. Thank you...Laura Ford, administrator, and the many seniors in Kennett, MO.

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​​Kennett O.A.K.S.

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Amount raised:        $6,335

​Balance needed:      $593,665

​Number donors needed: 118,733


For seniors, good nutrition and exercise are important for healthy aging.  At the Kennett OAKS Nutrition Center, we strive to provide all of our clients with tasty nutritious meals, informative programs, well-being clinics, and fun activities.